This Amazing feature will be present on Next Gen Microsoft Surface Pro series Tablet PCs

  Recently, Microsoft has launched Surface Pro 7 and Surface Pro X Tablet PCs in India. However, Surface Tabs are not popular in India because of the price. Ok, lets get into the news, Microsoft applied a patent on October 2019 and published by the WIPO on May 7, 2020.

  According to a patent filing, Next Generation Surface Pro series Tablet PCs could come with wireless charging coil located on its edges to recharge your Surface Pen and even other products. We Know what Microsoft can do in technology, We show previously implemented storage space in the Type Cover to recharge and hide Surface Pen.

  Microsoft claims they can implement the wireless charging coil between the shield and the metal casing of the Surface device. This provides wireless charging to the target electronic device like Surface Pen. In theory, the power from the source coil would be transmitted to the receiver coil and it will charge any rechargeable device like Surface pen or other.


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