Can we boycott chinese products ?

  These days every Indian talking about chainese goods boycott. This this a tech website and am also techy, so I will give you my opinion on this topic. 1st of all we have to know why boycott Chinese goods movement started in India, reason - we lost our 20 brave soldiers in a violent face-off with Chinese troops in Ladakh's Galwan valley late Monday night. So some so called deshbhakts like BJP leaders, bollywood actors and RSS started this movement in India. Then millions of Indians agree that boycotting Chinese goods would be the best way to send across a message to China.

  So the question is India can even afford to boycott Chinese products at this stage ? My answer is no. First of all try to understand how much we depend on China, we do earn 1.17 lakh crore from China via export, but we do import 4.92 lakh crore valuable products from China. I gave some information regarding India-China import and export.

Boycott Chinese Goods Problems:

  If India chooses to boycott Chinese products, it may affect the imports of capital goods, machinery and electrical, chemicals, as well as intermediate and consumer goods. We have to understand we cannot afford Chinese goods boycott, becouse we are still depend on other countries like US, China etc. Most important thing is China is has ability to manufacture and export its goods at such low prices owing to subsidies and support from the government. If stop import cheaper capital goods, it would also push up production costs, making products costlier, thereby, affecting the consumers. It means we don't get cheap goods, so we have to spend extra money on smartphone, TV's, toys and other products. So we have to understand If India decides to boycott Chinese products, it will not make any economic sense.


  First of all Indian government should encourage Indian start-ups and Indian government should provide some tax reduction to small and medium enterprises. Most importantly, Indian government should improve Indian education system, then we can takle this problem. However, there is no quick solution, it will take atleast 5 to 10 years. We know how Indian government supports big industries like Reliance, but at the same time the Indian government not providing any support to small and medium businesses.


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