Portronics PuriFi 102 UV Sterilizer price in India

  The Portronics PuriFi 102 UV Sterilizer has been launched in India. The device is light-weight and portable, and it 2 UV lamps on 2 sides (UV-C and UV-A lights) and a built-in ozone function that provides 360° surface disinfection. It comes with fast-mode that sterilizes objects in 10 minutes and a 30-minute sterilization mode enables a deeper sterilization process.

  The PuriFi 102 UV Sterilizer is equipped with an Aromatherapy feature, it will leave the sterilized items with a pleasant smell and it has sensors that will detect if the box is closed and only then start the sterilization process to protect the user’s eyes from the UV light.

  The Portronics PuriFi 102 is priced at Rs. 2,499 in India and will be available on Amazon.in, portronics online store and in offline stores.


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