Follow these 5 steps to avoid online payment frauds

How to avoid online payment frauds

  Money payment Apps are very useful, these Apps become very popular after 2020. Many reputed companies like Google, Amazon, Airtel etc have their own money payment Apps. These days scammers trying to use them to steal your money. Read this full article for avoid sending money to a scammer.

  Generally scammers try to trick you into sending them money through a mobile payment app. They know this trick is simple and easy trick to steal your money. Once we send money, it’s hard for us to get our money back.

  Some times scammers also pretend to be a loved one who’s in trouble and ask you for money to deal with an emergency. Others scammers play with your greed, they might say you won a big prize or big amount of money, but need to pay some fees to collect it.

Here are 5 important ways to protect yourself from online frauds

• Try to avoid online purchases on

  new websites with your credit or

  ATM card.

• Protect your account with multi-

  factor authentication or a PIN.

• Don’t send a payment to claim a

  big price prize or big amount of


• Don’t give your account details

  like ATM card number, PIN, password

  and other important details to 

  anyone that contacts you.

• If you get an unexpected request

  for money from someone you know,

  speak with them to make sure the

  request really is from them — and

  not a hacker who got access to

  their account.


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